Are You Still Paying Retail For Your Company T-shirts?

People always ask how we're different from the other thousands of print companies around the country...

The truth is that we're not much different at all.

We all use the same inks, same blank shirts, same print processes and embroidery techniques.

The only difference is that we're the first print company NOT open to the public.

Do you know where Fortune 500 companies purchase office furniture?

Not at Staples or OfficeMax.

Those are retailers.

... and to support retail customers you need a fancy showroom, an expensive main street location, an army of customer service agents, and all sorts of technology.

Even though the wholesaler and Staples sell the same chairs, one is usually 50% less and is much easier to deal with.


Not because Staples is greedy but because they need to support all of the extra layers that comes with selling to the public.

You're a savvy business person...

You should not be purchasing your company work apparel from a place the sells to kid's birthday parties, softball leagues, and family reunions!

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Order Your Shirts In Seconds With No Technology, Online Forms, or Hoops To Jump Through...

✅ No more online logo creation software: that’s great for family reunions or softball leagues but you’re running a business and need to get back to work!

✅ Good Riddance to Setup fees, screen charges, rush fees, etc: one price and that’s it, no need for a PHD in math to figure out how much you owe.

✅ Text or email your order: our business model is based on your convenience.

On time, high quality, professional service: we do what we say we’re going to do, that’s the currency of business.

If there’s a mistake, call the owner's cell phone: this is a long term business relationship and if there’s a mistake we fix it, period.

You are the priority: we’re not going to throw you to the wolves when Whole Foods or another big corporation calls us. We deal only with family owned construction & restaurant businesses.

No bullshit: leave that to the other guys.

Wholesale pricing: we give you the best prices the first time. No need to haggle.

Concierge level service: if you have the time to price out each job and send everything out to bid, we're not your place.

Tax ID Required: We don’t have a main street location, a showroom, or a bloated staff which allows us to pass the savings to you!

Running a business is hard.

We get it.

... and the last thing you want to do is waste time ordering your company t-shirts.

Which is why we created Wholesale T-shirt Club.

It's a place where smart & busy business owners get the best prices & concierge level service.

We don't expect you to understand the screen costs, setup fees, vector art, flash charges, or any of that industry jargon.

You need your company apparel quick, on-time, and at the best price.

That's it!

By requiring a Tax ID we don't print for children's birthday parties, bachelorettes, or men's softball teams, which frees us up to put all of our time and energy in serving you, the busy business person that needs to get back to work!

A Few Reasons Why Smart & Busy Business People Order With Us...

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